Importance of Physical Fitness

According to Health act of Canada, Your body is your temple. Your body can do wonders and keeping it in the best condition is the best way to enjoy your life to the fullest. There goes a lot into keeping your body healthy. You need to have a right diet and an adequate amount of exercise to keep you going. But the biggest question is, is it worth? How important is the upkeep of your physical health?

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Answering the Why

People who tend to keep themselves fit are also internally healthier. They not only have the ideal body weight, but have a strong resistance to bacteria or virus and fight off illness quicker than others. The mind and body dualism have been a hot topic to debate upon by psychologists, medical practitioners, and neuroscientist. So far, there is substantial proof to establish that people who are physically fit are also mentally more stable. They are less prone to cognitive disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression.

People who find themselves in stressful situations are subject to an excess level of stress hormones called Cortisol in their body. This stress hormone leads to a chain of abnormalities in the functioning of the body.


The physical fitness can counter these complications by eliminating the excess of Cortisol. A person who tends to indulge in any sort of recreational physical activity like gym, sports and trekking have high levels of adrenaline in their body. This hormone relents the effect of a feel-good hormone. Hence, it negates the effect of Cortisol.


 What are the Advantages of Being Fit?

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A healthy person is often protected from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sugar levels, chronic stress and many more. Being physically fit not only imparts a sense of self-confidence, but it also keeps your internal body in the best of the condition.


Physical Fitness Certificate Format for Joining New Duty

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If you are starting a new job and you are required to produce proof of your physical fitness levels, you must know the format for the same. You can get the physical fitness form from any government hospital in your area.



The Physical fitness of an individual is very important and at all stages of life. There is no alternative to the body you live in and you must take care of from the earliest possible age. On the ongoing health act of cannada, fitness should be made as activity in schools and colleges.