In present times, there are many options available for literally everything! For instance, if you want to buy a mobile, there are ten options to choose from depending upon the company, specification, features, budget, customer reviews and many such aspects.

You can never run out of options because with modernization, everything has progressed and has grown bigger, leading to many versions of the same thing.

When it comes to indoor games, there are a plethora of options available too!  Earlier we only restricted to playing card games, but now there are so many board games, mobile games available. However, if it comes to picking the one that everyone in the family can play, then it is usually Rummy Card Games. Everyone in the family is familiar with them, and not that there is just one type; there is Rummy, Blackjack, Poker, Crazy Eight, and so on.

When we tap into these games, we know for sure that fun and entertainment would be at its peak once one commences with playing these games.

Let’s sneak in to know about different Card Games and a brief on how to play them.


‘Chips and Sips’ is the actual slogan of poker. At any Diwali party, this is the one game that will always be played. Some people play this as a mandatory Diwali Tradition.

You pick the cards that are dealt and start making priority sequences, each time it’s your turn add your bets, and in the end, the player with the highest priority sequence wins the round and gets all the bet money.

Why the sip in the slogan? Because it’s mostly paired with drinks.


It is majorly played at a Casino. You have chips, you have cards, and all you need is luck!

Each player is dealt with two cards and their respective chip. Here the dealer has the main player showcase their cards, and if their hand value is higher than yours then they have a Blue Jack, and if your hand has a higher value, then you win.

From 2-10 cards have their face value while ten and face cards have the value ten and Ace can have either 1 or 11 as it’s value.


Each player gets 13 cards, and you have to make at least one pure sequence and two sets/ sequence which can be impure as well. But you have to be strategic here to learn what might be the possible hand of your opponents. And besides that, you have to make sure you don’t lose too many points.

Rolling Stone

Indians might know this game by the name- ‘Satte pe Satta’. Here, each player is dealt with eight cards and a single card the discarded deck is placed in the centre. If you have the card of the same suit, you can place on top of that, but if not, you’ll have to pick a new card from the discarded deck. The bigger the pile of cards, the better off is the winner!


These are just some of the most famous card that everyone should know about. Because of no matter what your age is when it comes to cards you don’t want to sound like a boring person, who does not know even the basics, Right? We have got you sorted here. Learn these basics about card games with us, and you can save yourself some credit.

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